4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t ONLY Take Supplements to Lose Weight

Janet Manderfield November 26, 2019 No Comments
Why You Shouldn't Only Take Weight Loss Supplements to Lose weight

Studies have shown that weight loss supplements can be an excellent way to achieve the body you’ve always wanted, and in many cases they’re even more effective than traditional methods of using weight such as diet and exercise.

Many weight loss supplements help you lose weight in multiple ways, including suppressing appetite, burning more fat and preventing your body from storing fat, which can make weight loss even easier and require less time. However, this doesn’t mean you should totally ignore your diet or exercise. Alternate methods of losing weight have many benefits that weight loss supplements alone cannot offer, and must therefore be used in addition to supplements.

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1) You still need nutrients from a healthy diet

Why You Shouldn't Only Take Weight Loss Supplements to Lose weight

Just because you’re shedding pounds of fat with a weight loss supplement doesn’t mean you can just eat Snickers bars all day. You still need a healthy, balanced diet in order to get all the nutrients you need to thrive. Including plenty of vegetables, healthy fats and protein in your die

t is essential to your well-being, and will ultimately aid in your weight loss goals.

Regardless of whether you’re on a special diet such as Keto, low carb or vegan, it’s important that you get all the essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrients you need. Read more here on the fundamentals of a healthy diet.

2) You’re body still needs exercise

If you dislike exercise, this probably isn’t what you want to hear, but the fact remains that you need to move in order to stay healthy. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends you get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise per week, or a combination of both.

Studies have shown that exercise can lower your risk for some diseases and can help you age well and prevent injury. And many people report just feeling better when they exercise consistently. But don’t fret, exercise doesn’t have to suck. Find something you enjoy, whether it be running, dancing, racquetball or yoga, and exercise on’t necessarily feel like a chore.

3) You could lose weight even faster

While weight loss supplements have been shown to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight, the reality is that you could bump up your weight loss even more by combining it with other means, whether it be a special diet or lifting weights.

And sometimes these other means of weight loss even pair well with weight loss supplements. For example, a low calorie diet can work well with supplements that suppress appetite and provide energy (such as PhenQ) because you don’t feel super hungry and won’t suffer from cravings or low energy. Most people would prefer to lose weight faster given the option, so why not combine your weight loss supplements with other means of getting fit and trim?

4) You can get ALL the benefits

Different weight loss methods work in different ways, and why not reap all the rewards if you can? For example, many weight loss supplements help you burn fat to lose weight, but pairing that with weight lifting can make you even more toned and look even better. And while some weight loss supplements provide some nutrients to give you an energy boost to reduce fatigue, a healthy diet and moderate exercise can give you even more energy. Because you’re already saving so much time and energy by taking weight loss supplements, you might as well add on another weight loss method to increase the gains, because in this case, more really is better.

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